Miyuki Traditional Japanese Cuisine

Miyuki is a traditional Japanese restaurant and sushi bar serving classic Japanese cuisine in an elegant setting. With impeccable service; delivery, takeout and catering and sushi selections that range from the ordinary to the downright exotic, Miyuki has changed the face of the Berkeley dining circuit in a way even seasoned critics were unprepared for.

What makes us so different? Perhaps it’s the top-caliber sushi chefs we employ as part of our professional team. Or, maybe it’s the fresh fish we serve that is always at the perfect temperature or the cuts of sashimi that are just right. Many of our customers indulge in the unique items on our menu, some of which even pay homage to Northern California sports teams – like our 49er Roll, boasting paper-thin slices of lemon over overtly fresh salmon. And, there’s always the Spicy Scallop Handroll, another customer favorite, plus, of course, the pristine slices of hamachi sashimi to say nothing of our wonderful Escolar, or “super white fish.”

More About Us!

We at Miyuki invite you to indulge in some of our newer treats, such as the Hamachi Belly Sashimi – a beautifully-cut pearly pink fish bursting with delicious flavor from a slicked ponzu sauce and a slightly smoked taste from a quick hit of the torch. There’s also a dish made with chopped-up scallops blended with mayo, tobiko and curry, served over sliced crisp Japanese cucumbers. Customers have described this Miyuki delicacy as being “earthy yet fresh” with “flavors that really work wonderfully together.”

Our sushi creations are sights – and tastes – to behold; the experience, unforgettable. From curry seafood hand rolls loaded with tobiko, octopus, scallop, shrimp, shishu leaf and daikon sprouts to avocado stuffed with genuine crabmeat and topped with a special house sauce which is then baked and drenched in sesame seeds and finally served over a bed of rice and greens…we guarantee your visit to Miyuki will expose you to a decadent, rich and delightful take on Japanese.